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Iron Dragon CrossFit Shanghai is mainland China’s first official and leading CrossFit gym and affiliate of the world renowned CrossFit Inc. A world-class facility with the highest skilled coaches and most advanced programming, pushing the boundaires of high performance training and sets a new standard nationwide for elite fitness.

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CrossFit “The Sport of Fitness,” has proven to be one of the most comprehensive, effective and fastest growing fitness program in the world , finally arrives in the Middle kingdom. CrossFit’s popularity is largely due to its universal scalability; meaning regardless of the level of experience the program does not change  so much and suitable for all!

Iron Dragon is the original strength & conditioning and CrossFit gym in China. With international visitors dropping in everyday for a workout or just to get a t-shirt, its  quickly become one of the most famous in the region. A division of China’s leading  specialty fitness brand Eternity VIP Fitness Inc.  offering functional and high performance quality training and fitness related services since 2001.  Established  the first expat gym/personal training studio in China now celebrating  its 11 year birthday. The gym along with CrossFit  has been featured on television shows for many years.  This year alone Iron Dragon has been on  ICS Shanghai television shows “ Money Talks”, “CityBeat” and “Cosmo Times”

Eternity Fitness has been integrating alternative training and  the CrossFit method in its program as early as 2005-06, which at the time was completely unheard of this side of the world.  As the market continued  to grow a need for a new chapter eventually evolved into its own identity with  Iron Dragon being approved affiliate in early 2011.   At that time the gym relocated to its second location, together with CKC China Kettelbell Club, and Eternity VIP Fitness,  became the premier hardcore and functional training venue and the first “box” gym in China. Offering specialty supercharged workouts not found anywhere else. Dealing with the unstable market and faced many challenges with the demolition of the entire neighborhood to make way for new high rises Iron Dragon once again moved to relocate to its new central facility which is now easily accessible from downtown French Concession, Xujiahui, Gubei and Zhongshan Park.

Iron Dragon is the ORIGINAL & LEADING and indeed one of the most UNIQUE and HARDCORE GYM  you could  find ANYWHERE! with an  advanced and structured program that has evolved over many years to suit both the recreational trainer to elite athlete. The program evolves week to week featuring strength/skill, conditioning, endurance, power and competition days.  Its a common misconception where new members feel they have to train first before joining. In fact its motivating and encouraging to see week to week improvements, as you can only get better  and stronger when training with higher levels. Workouts are scaled for individuals, and everybody was a beginner at some point.  The group is very supportive, super friendly and welcoming to all. There’s no big egos or attitude and you’ll do things you never thought you could achieve.

Our members range from office workers, businessman, senior executives, TV personalities, house wives, sportsmen, martial artists, writers, students and working professionals.  Iron Dragon has also become well known internationally within the fitness community as one of the most famous CrossFit boxes in the Asia region, becoming extremely popular with tourists, drop-ins, t-shirt collectors and travelling crossfitters wanting to experience CrossFit a long way from home.

Come in an experience the community spirit and commraderie  for which CrossFit is most known for!

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全新全能挑战赛-China Throwdown-Battle on the Bund即将开始!


Weekend Warriors Fight Club
Open free style sparring sessions –
Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Wrestling and MMA.

Training Times

5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm,
8:15 pm Kettlebell

6:30am, 1:00pm (30mins), 6:00pm, Basic/Tech(45min), 6:45pm Bootcamp,
7:30pm Power Bodybuilding
7:30pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm, 8:15pm Kettlebell
7:15pm Muay Thai

1:00pm (30min), 6:00pm Basic/Tech, 6:30pm Bootcamp (45min), 7:15pm Power Bodybuilding, 8:30pm
7:15pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 6:15pm, 7:15pm
7:15pm MMA

10:00am, 11:00am Gladiator, 2:00pm Introduction
5:00pm Power Bodybuilding
12:00pm MMA

4:00pm Free Sparring

Open Gym
Mon - Fri 6:30am - 10:00pm
Sat - Sun 9:30am - 6:00pm

Personal Training and Private Group classes available at other times.

More details here.

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Class Bookings

To make a class booking please

call us at (21)62376780
or 177065159828

or send an email to:

We are located at (address):
3-5F,No.1 Building , 1279 west ZhongShan rd, ChangNing, Shanghai
(Near wuzhong rd)