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3rd Annual Burpee Marathon

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The Third Annual Charity Burpee Marathon is back! December 3rd, 2017
Get your friends together for a team or go it alone. Test your athletic endurance and for a good cause! Sunday December 3rd kicks off at noon come down for afternoon of fun and community spirit. Enjoy the cool views and rooftop atmosphere at Airpark. Spectators welcome, bring your pets and show your support.
The Cause: Animal mistreatment awareness and rescue in China. Burning alive, beaten till death, strangling with wires and buried alive are considered as affordable termination. October 27 news broke out of 500 dogs trapped in a container to be burned alive. Protesters stopped the burn that day and one of the dogs gave birth to 8 puppies the following day now known as the “Magic 8”. Money raised will go towards rescuing and treating some of these dogs and further assistance to other homeless animals.
The challenge for time:
Full marathon 1000reps
Half marathon 500 reps
Sprint 100 reps
Mixed Team 3 person
Full Marathon 1000 reps
Half Marathon 500 reps
Scaled 100 reps
* teams can partition reps between them anyhow
200RMB per person or please feel free to donate more. If not participating but still want to help you can straight donate on the day or contact us. We will also accept dog food. Enjoy the afternoon have fun with drinks and treats from our sponsors Gre3n, Pawsome, and Vitae Spirits also vouchers from Revita Clinic and a day trip from OKDeal Travel to be won!
When: December 3 Sunday 11:30am
Where: Airpark Yuyuan Rd 433, No.8, 4F, Jingan
Sign up names:
wechat: iron-dragon.com

Singles Day PT Promotion One week only!

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Eternity VIP Fitness
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Singles Day 11/11 Promo
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Personal Training
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*Runs from 10th/11-18th/11
Get in shape for Christmas holidays
email info@eternity-fitness.com.cn or call to 17765159828
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Eternity VIP Fitness
Pioneers of specialty fitness & personal training
Tailor made prescriptions in strength conditioning, body shaping and fat burning. State of the art programming incorporating proven old school methods using kettlebells, bootcamps, crossfit, Strongman, MMA & Kick boxing

Fri 13th, Oct 2017 WOD

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Holidays over time to put in work burn off the holiday calories! Friday GUNSHOW!!

1. 12mins to work up to a max Thruster

2. Strict press- Split lunge stance
6,6,4,4,2,2 @ 70% 80% 90%

3. 15 KB Clean & Jerk
15 KB Curl
15 Close grip push up
4 rounds for time

China Throwdown 2017 Battle on the Bund

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August 25, 26 over hundred thousands visitors gathered at the famous Pearl Tower to witness the first big multi sport fitness festival.

Hosted by Shanghai Sports Federation and organized by Eternity Fitness the two day event was the most epic competition setup this country has seen. Fitness fans and newbies had the chance to join in the challenges including cross training , kettlebells, powerlifting, strongman and street workouts.

All day games, workshops, rowing and graffiti party kept the audience entertained what ever your training goals- its not about winning, who’s the fittest or the best, challenge yourself, find the community spirit and Lift for Life !

All about China Throwdown-Schedule,Prize and Surprise

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赛时间 Date

比赛地点 Venue
Oriental Pearl City Plaza

How to join
Free entrance
Sign-up required if entering the competitions
Still unsure what’s going on??
Come down, check it out and don’t forget to bring your gym clothes! For sure you’ll want to join in on the day!



Team/ Individual/ Individual Scaled

Mens 66, 74, 83, 93, 93kg+
Womens 52, 57, 63, 72, 72kg+

Male/ Female

Male/ Female

Male/ Female

Mens 68, 73, 78, 85, 85kg+
Womens 53, 58, 63, 68, 68kg+

Male/ Female

Male/ Female

Male/ Female

Public Fitness & Public Games
Mixed Team of 4


China Throwdown is Coming,Let’s Fight and Enjoy!!!

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This August, right at the foot of Oriental Pearl, China Throwdown is going to happen.
Throwdown is a comprehensive fitness sports event.

Throwdown is to win over
Then, who are we fighting with?

It’s the make-do lifestyle.
It’s your dearest self.
Always the invisible enemy.

Throwdown welcomes anyone from any kind of background, as long as you believe that fitness is a way to live to the fullest, to come together and to LIFT FOR LIFE.

*PS.Participants of Throwdown 2015 who missed out on their T-shirt previously can come by the venue to collect. Limited stock, will be first come first serve basis from August 26th moring till all given out.

Anyone wishing to particiapte but not join in the games, can help out as volunteer for judge or assistant and get a cool staff t-shirt. contact wechat:iron-dragon

Asides from the competitions, there will also workshops and lectures, from edge-cutting new training methods to medical advices for sports injuries.

If you feel like people have misunderstanding about what you love, or you want more people to know about your sports, now is the time to come forward and speak up:

Over 10k daily visitor flow, mainstream/social media exposure, 12 super scale screens at the venue.
How often does this kind of chance come by?

Come and Join us !!!

Battle of the boxes Game #3 Kettlebell Training

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Join the pros for an afternoon of technical learning and fun! If you new to kettlebell training get into it with the top instructors in town. Oh, so you know how it’s done do you? Then join in the challenges!

Workshop 1. Mastering the Swing
Workshop 2. Kettlebell Sport
– Part A. Long Cycle Clean & Jerk
– Part B. Snatch
Workshop 3. KB Get Up

Challenge 1. Max Weight KB Get Up
Challenge 2. 5 min Long Cycle +5 min Snatch
Challenge 3. 3 min Max Rep Swing

As always FREE for all enjoy great gifts and treats from sponsors

When: Saturday 12th August 2017. 4:30-7:30pm
Where: Heavy Wings
Address: 2FL 201-202, 280 Aomen Road near Chang Hua Road

China Throwdown神秘嘉宾揭晓 | 明星训练营招募中

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This man is one of the toughest guys on the planet
What ever your training model is
A crossfitter, lifter or cardio athlete
No one can deny
His feats are nothing short of amazing
No one can deny
His strength endurance and work capacity
Is beyond this world!

谁是China Throwdown的神秘嘉宾?
世界闻名的俄罗斯运动员Sergei Rachinskii是目前已知的地表最强人类之一,同时也是壶铃运动的创始人之一。他环游世界,向成百上千的运动员传授俄式训练方法。数十年来,他都是壶铃界不二的霸主。他的成绩超乎想象,他创下的很多世界纪录至今尚未有人打败。

Sergei最广为人知的成绩是9次世界冠军和12次俄罗斯冠军。他同时也是多项世界纪录的保持者,如5500+rep KB jerk @24kg和1500+ rep snatch@16kg的世界纪录。
另外,在杠铃运动上他也不输于人,他曾完成了200+ reps back squat @100kg!

Internationally renowned Russian Athlete Sergei Rachinskii is one of the strongest men in the world and one of the grandmasters of kettlebell sport. Sergei has travelled the world teaching the Russian method to hundreds of athletes and has dominated the sport for decades. His many records are mind blowing, undefeated and still standing.

Most notable achievements is 9 times World Champion and 12 times Russian Champion. He’s also the holder of multiple world records, such as 5500+rep KB jerk @24kg, and 1500+ rep snatch@16kg.
He’s no slacker with a barbell either. A crazy 200+ reps back squat @100kg!

他将担任本届China Throwdown壶铃竞技的演讲嘉宾和首席裁判,同时也会指导日间的明星训练营。
He will be the speaker and head judge for theKettlebell Sport Challenge. He will also be presenter at a daily workshop.

明星训练营 Daily Workshop
由China Throwdown重量级嘉宾、壶铃超人带领你找到壶铃竞技的最高奥义!
At China Throwdown, a special guest, the toughest guy walking on this planet will be giving ultimate instructions on Kettlebell!

One of the best in the world
Now visiting China for the First time


You will be training with the BEST
At the new landmark of Shanghai
Stunning Oriental Pearl City Plaza
Leading 300 sqm Sports lawn
12 large scale LED screens
All round the venue
To show off the best moment of yours
Along with Graffiti and live DJ
The dopest fitness scene ever!


Unfortunately we have to limit
The participaters to
20 of the best fitness talents
Because we want to deliver
The best result


If you’re selected to the group
You just won a over
Equal to over 10k RMB membership!

Participators will be handily picked from the registered candidates. For registration, please holdthe QR code below:

活动时间 | Date and time

活动地点 | Location
China Throwdown赛场草坪
The lawn inside of China Throwdown venue
Oriental Pearl City Plaza

活动流程 | Process
1. 壶铃简介 Kettlebell intro
2. 基本动作教学 Basic movements
3. 动作练习 Practicing movements


全新全能挑战赛-China Throwdown-Battle on the Bund即将开始!


Weekend Warriors Fight Club
Open free style sparring sessions –
Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Wrestling and MMA.

Training Times

5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm,
8:15 pm Kettlebell

6:30am, 1:00pm (30mins), 6:00pm, Basic/Tech(45min), 6:45pm Bootcamp,
7:30pm Power Bodybuilding
7:30pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm, 8:15pm Kettlebell
7:15pm Muay Thai

1:00pm (30min), 6:00pm Basic/Tech, 6:30pm Bootcamp (45min), 7:15pm Power Bodybuilding, 8:30pm
7:15pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 6:15pm, 7:15pm
7:15pm MMA

10:00am, 11:00am Gladiator, 2:00pm Introduction
5:00pm Power Bodybuilding
12:00pm MMA

4:00pm Free Sparring

Open Gym
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Sat - Sun 9:30am - 6:00pm

Personal Training and Private Group classes available at other times.

More details here.

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