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Iron Dragon CrossFit Shanghai is mainland China’s first official and leading CrossFit gym and affiliate of the world renowned CrossFit Inc. A world-class facility with the highest skilled coaches and most advanced programming, pushing the boundaires of high performance training and sets a new standard nationwide for elite fitness.

What is CrossFit?

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design broad general and inclusive suitable for all levels. Read More...

What is crossfight?

The new destination for mixed martial arts, serious fighters and combat conditioning Iron Dragon Combat!  Read More...

CrossFit Benefits

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Why is CrossFit better than going to your local treadmill gym?

If you’ve taken a visit or trained at any of the big gyms in town you’ll see rows of treadmills, over crowded,  people standing around and equipment laying everywhere, and trainers that don’t know what there doing.  No ones training hard and the whole environment is not motivating at all. You sign up and soon enough loose any motivation to exercise.

CrossFit is a worldwide community of like minded fitness enthusiast. Walk into any CrossFit gym around the world and be greeted by friendly, welcoming staff and be surrounded by everyday people on the quest for self improvement.

The concepts and training methods used in this program have been proven by practical application in preparing people for the demands of life, sports, and tough jobs alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a olympic athlete, a parent, weekend warrior or a military operator, this program offers the same benefits of functional movements for many different levels. The class format mixes many proven methods of training to enhance one’s functional ability across several characteristics of exercise performance. We focus on the effects exercise has on the body, not just on movements. We enhance all ten general physical skills : STRENGTH, STAMINA, CARDIO ENDURANCE, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, COORDINATION, AGILITY, BALANCE, ACCURACY. We also address the three metabolic pathways (energy systems, which compose of: phosphagen, oxidative, and glycolytic) which will develop increased power output & endurance – and everything in between.
 The results speak for themselves. Working out alone you will never work out as hard and be as motivated as when you are in a group environment. The constantly varied workouts will always keep you guessing and the training will always be fresh and motivational. Unlike the big gyms we care about each individual member and push you to achieve your best!

Who is CrossFit for?

CrossFit is elite fitness for everyone – from couch potatoes to seasoned athletes. Anyone ready to commit to hard work and dedicate themselves to becoming a stronger, more capable human machine. We accept all levels of students from beginners to advanced. Both men and women; young or old. We will scale the loads and the workout to accommodate your current level. Most people start as beginners. No prior training required that’s why you’re coming is you get fit! But if you’re only looking for a relaxing low impact workout then you should look elsewhere.

CrossFit classes: WOD “Workout of the Day”

Constantly Varied Functional Exercise performed at High Intensity. The programming in CrossFit classes are designed to make you good at everything. Your fitness will be attacked from every angle, providing the perfect synergistic effect that your body needs to adapt on all levels. Exercise type, intensity, length, and movements will be constantly varied every day. Every workout is different and you will rarely do the same thing twice. The workouts themselves are completely scalable, which means that a new participant and an elite athlete can complete the same workout with only changes in load and intensity. CrossFit workouts will deliver phenomenal fitness in and of themselves or as a compliment to your sport-specific training regime. Basically, CrossFit is not your ordinary workout, but it is for ordinary people looking for extraordinary results. The training is hard and uncompromising, but you will be in the best shape of your life! The group environment is competitive but friendly, and will push you to perform at your best. Each day a new workout will be published. Its usually begins with a warm-up and dynamic stretching followed by a strength or skill component. After this a conditioning component usually emphasizing similar muscle groups and finish of with stretching.

Is CrossFit Right for Me?

If you are someone who:
Is bored to death in your gym routine and looking for motivation;
Is looking to shed those extra pounds or reduce the waistline;
Thinks you don’t have time to exercise;
Is looking to get faster or stronger in your sport, OR
Is no longer seeing results with your current training regime,
Then CrossFit is for YOU!

So what does a CrossFit workout look like?

Crossfit workouts are a combination of Cardio, Track & Field, Plyometrics, Rowing, Gymnastics, Kettlebell and Weightlifting. You will be doing the workout together with other Crossfitters of all ages and all fitness levels. The workouts are rarely more than 45 minutes long and so they can fit into even the busiest schedules. Finally, CrossFit is FUN! Our coaches and participants are welcoming, supportive, and committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

Just like any form of exercise when pushing your body to the limit there is a chance of injury. On the flipside only when you push yourself will you continue to improve and progress to handle any situations under pressure. We take special care and attention and put technique and safety first!
Do a search online and you may come across people doing workouts dangerously wild with poor technique. This should not be compared to the true representation of what CrossFit is all about. Proper execution of the exercise is fundamental to prevent injuries. Speed can then be added for a more intense workout once the athlete has achieved perfect form. This isn’t to scare you, but to warn you that you MUST properly acclimate yourself to CrossFit training. You must approach it correctly and with respect if you want to reap its benefits.

Why does XXXXX treadmill gym membership cost compared to CrossFit?

What people need to understand is these are is two completely different products. The typical gyms membership is an admission entrance fee “come in and use our machines”, where as we offer “We’ll coach and motivate you through everything you do, and provide an incredibly fun group to work out with”. Bottom line you will be buying SKILLS and RESULTS! The big gyms don’t care if you get results and actually want you to fail to free up space for others hoping you will get bored and quit in the first few months which most people do! Also we have special equipment ie kettlebells, sandbags, plyo boxes, big ropes and Olympic rings etc. that cannot be found in the normal gym

Another way to look at it is: Invest in your health now and have us train you right, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your “health” when you’re “old” (this includes bad knees, backs, neck, shoulders, etc when you’re “old”,)

(extracts courtesy of CrossFit.com)

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全新全能挑战赛-China Throwdown-Battle on the Bund即将开始!


Weekend Warriors Fight Club
Open free style sparring sessions –
Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Wrestling and MMA.

Training Times

5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm,
8:15 pm Kettlebell

6:30am, 1:00pm (30mins), 6:00pm, Basic/Tech(45min), 6:45pm Bootcamp,
7:30pm Power Bodybuilding
7:30pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm, 8:15pm Kettlebell
7:15pm Muay Thai

1:00pm (30min), 6:00pm Basic/Tech, 6:30pm Bootcamp (45min), 7:15pm Power Bodybuilding, 8:30pm
7:15pm MMA, 8:30pm Muay Thai

6:30am, 6:15pm, 7:15pm
7:15pm MMA

10:00am, 11:00am Gladiator, 2:00pm Introduction
5:00pm Power Bodybuilding
12:00pm MMA

4:00pm Free Sparring

Open Gym
Mon - Fri 6:30am - 10:00pm
Sat - Sun 9:30am - 6:00pm

Personal Training and Private Group classes available at other times.

More details here.

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Class Bookings

To make a class booking please

call us at (21)62376780
or 177065159828

or send an email to:

We are located at (address):
3-5F,No.1 Building , 1279 west ZhongShan rd, ChangNing, Shanghai
(Near wuzhong rd)