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不止是壶铃!KB not Kettlebell only!

What is kettlebell
壶铃已经有几百年的历史了,起源于希腊和俄罗斯。最开始是作为砝码用于称重(是不是也可以来个传统中式砝码铃。。。钟铃?!)也作为一种运动娱乐项目:KB Swing!

The Kettlebell is basically a bowling ball with a suitcase handle and unlike traditional weights are swung in many directions for high repetitions with an endless variation of dynamic movements.
With origins in both Russia and Greece was first used in the past few hundred years by farmers as a measuring weight and swung around as entertainment and a form of exercise.
Later was adopted by the military and sports/athletic sectors to be the corner stone of Soviet fitness training and the secret weapon of endurance and explosive power.
Although a favorite training device amongst strongman and circus performers lost popularity in favor of isolation gym machines. In the past years has rekindled and hit mainstream.
And its everywhere in the international fitness scene and now used by many top level sportsman including football, golf, power-lifting, track athletes, martial artists, wrestlers, military, fireman security etc to gain high level endurance, strength and joint mobility which so far no other machine has been able to replicate.

你会发现壶铃的训练完全不同于传统的方式,非常有趣!最重要的是男士们的大V身材,女神们有线条的美臂,马甲线,以及壶铃运动效果最出名的kettlebell curvy butt—壶式美臀!在趣味玩耍中就达到了!
超棒的训练效果!简直是amazing!在训练过程中,超多个肌肉群一起协动,能量系统也一直在过程中运转。壶铃一个小时可以燃烧1200卡的热量,这是high inrensity,一般有氧运动,跆拳道或其他一般训练至少2倍的热量消耗。

Recreational users will find Kettlebell training very fun and different from other conventional methods and will give men broad shoulders and develop the “V-taper”. Women get defined arms, a tighter waistline and the famous Kettlebell curvy butt!
Kettlebell training also has proven popular as a rehab tool with office workers and people suffering bad backs by helping elongate the spine and rejuvenate weak joints and connective tissue.
Full-body conditioning. The body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together which is more practical approach to training. Rarely in everyday movements or sports does one utilize only one specific muscle or direction.
Big results-involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems at once. KBs burnt out a whopping 1200 calories an hour. That’s about double of high intensity aerobics, kickboxing or bootcamps which come in around 500-600cal/h.
Increased resistance to injury by strengthening joins and connective tissue
The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously.
Improved mobility and range of motion
Increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky-a benefit that appeals to women and men alike.
Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning
Argubaly the most versatile and complete training tool ever. Hundreds of exercises can be done in a small space with only one single kettlebell.

Mark was the first to promote kettlebell training to the China public 10 years ago


IKFF 是一个在全球推广壶铃训练体系和精神的组织。它支持和发展会员的多种技巧让他们可以迅速的将其融合应用到自己的训练事业里。一直走在不断发展的运动训练系统前沿。

The IKFF is an organization that promotes Kettlebell training and complete mind/body fitness on a global scale. It supports members in developing the all-encompassing skills needed to accelerate their own fitness and businesses. An ever-evolving resource on the cutting edge of athletic training and conditioning!

世界著名的壶铃运动大师Steve Cotter(IKFF的创始人)&中国第一个国际壶铃认证教练;IKFF level2 coach, 壶铃运动先驱Mark Soo

World renowned kettlebell & movement master Steve Cotter (Founder and Director of IKFF) and IKFF Level 2 Coach Mark Soo first internationally certified kettlebell trainer in China; pioneers of the kettlebell movement

World Association of Kettlebell Sports Clubs

WAKSC是第一个壶铃运动交流为主的全球性组织,他们都以专业壶铃为自己的事业,在全球推广壶铃运动。旗下的Gran Prix是第一个在运动领域里以壶铃作为竞技项目的锦标赛,吸引了来自世界各地的运动员和俱乐部参加。

WAKSC is a worldwide organization and first community of sport clubs who practice kettlebell sport as their professional occupation. Its mission is to spread kettlebell sport all over the world. Gran Prix is the first tournament series in kettlebell sport where sportsmen and clubs from allover the world compete with each other. Winners and medalists of Gran Prix are defined according to the final yearly rating of sportsmen and clubs.


KETACADEMY is a community of kettlebell sport experts and Master Coaches. Ourmission is to teach kettlebell sport the best we can, and help everyone who asking for help to learn from the best in the sport.


This man is one of the toughest guys walking around on the planet right now. What ever your training modal- a crossfitter, lifter or cardio athlete no one can deny his feats are nothing short of amazing! His strength endurance and work capacity is beyond this world! …..And he is coming to。。。China Throwdown!

Throwdown KB rules
1. 5分钟长循环挺举(高翻和挺举),然后立即做5分钟抓举(总共10分钟);
2. 两个运动过程中每次都用一只手触碰同一重量的壶铃;
3. 每5分钟仅换一次手;
4. 记录2种动作分别重复的组数,壶铃触低即结束;
5. 运动员可以选择自己的负重;
6. 得分计算:负重(kg)*组数/运动员体重。

1. 5 mins Long cycle(Clean and Jerk) and then immediately after do 5 mins Snatch (10 min total)
2. Using only one hand at a time touching the one same weight kettlebell for both movements
3. Only one hand change permitted in each 5 min movement
4. Total reps counted for each movement once the kettlebell touches the floor
5. Athletes can select their own weight
6. Score calculated (kgs x reps)/bodyweight

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全新全能挑战赛-China Throwdown-Battle on the Bund即将开始!


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