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Iron Dragon CrossFit Shanghai is mainland China’s first official and leading CrossFit gym and affiliate of the world renowned CrossFit Inc. A world-class facility with the highest skilled coaches and most advanced programming, pushing the boundaires of high performance training and sets a new standard nationwide for elite fitness.

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old school≠out!we all love lifting!

Old school barbell training

Some call it boring and out dated, some call it classic training from the golden age of bodybuilding and strength workouts of the 60-70s. Whatever your take, fitness trends will come and go, but barbell workouts are here to stay! Sure machines and fancy gyms have their place, but nothing beats heavy weighted barbell training to put on strength and muscle!



Barbell vs Machines

1.Free weights are more functional. Picking up a barbell is like a bag groceries. Machines are single function isolated movements.
2.Compound lifts involve multi-joints and big muscle groups plusa huge neuro- muscular response and hormone spike. Where as most machines are isolated small single group muscles.
3.Machines take away pressure off joints and connective tissue and coordination which is good for newbies ,elderly and injured, but that also limits muscle activation, which in turn limits gains
4.Machines allows the user to maximize heavy and high volume lifts in safetywith limited skill and practice
5.A timeless piece. Barbell and weights with few moving parts will most likely look the same a decade later while your new machine will fail or be outdated in a few years.


1. 每个人都会逐渐衰老。随着年龄的增长会肌肉萎缩,皮肤松弛,骨头变脆。这是不争的事实!没有任何药物或饮食可以改变!但我们可以延缓阻滞它! 对抗训练是减缓和逆转自然衰退的唯一途径。肌肉是很难维持的,如果你停止训练,肌肉就会很容易流失,而脂肪很容易囤积却不易消耗。这意味着你要么强壮 要么与脂肪为伴!
3.还有一个类似有趣的问题,一些男人女人们会说 “哦,我不想看起来像个壮汉!”把自己和一个已经极度控制饮食和训练了几十年的健美运动员相比较是非常愚蠢的事。女性与男性的荷尔蒙水平不一样,锻炼肌肉是一个漫长的过程,它需要坚持艰难的训练和严格控制饮食。合理膳食加上每周几个小时的锻炼,你就不会冲着镜子喊:天啊!我也太壮了吧!

Why should you lift?

1. Everyone will grow old and weak. Muscle will atrophy, skin will sag and bones will brittle. FACT! No pill or diet will change this! Resistance training is the only way to slow and reverse the effect of natural aging. Muscle is hard to maintain and the body will do whatever it can to lesson the workload, while fat is easy to store at minimal expense. That means USE IT OR LOOSE IT!
2. A common misconception womensay they don’t want to be to strong? If not strong means you prefer to be weak? In daily life everything is easier if you are stronger, pick up things without help, recover from sickness and even carrying your own handbag!
3. Another funny thing women and some men say “oh I don’t want to look like that” comparing themselves to a bodybuilder who has been training daily for decades and eating clean consistently. Women don’t have hormone levels like men, and building muscle is a relentless, long daunting path of strict eating and training. With an average diet and a few hours a week exercise you will NEVER wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say damn I’m SO HUGE and STRONG!



“Dont judge a book by its cover”Is an old saying meaning looks is not everything.
A bulky guy can “look strong” with clothes on. Shirt off, just a smooth fat guy…though still couldbe actually strong!
A muscle guy or bodybuilder’s training is primarily for aesthetics,means his goal is for appearance. His looks maybe good, but function, power or strength maybe indeed weak. A “six pack” means someone has a strict diet or he’s just a skinny guy- this does not mean strong or great performance either. For appearance, definition is the key!
In bodybuilding competition the judges are looking for size, symmetry, balance and definition. There is no points for how much you can lift.
Bodybuilding is an artistic “illusion” how one can best pose and show himself. A lean, cut bodybuilder could look normal with clothes on, but shredded and jacked with shirt off in the right lighting and stance.
A power lifter or strongman’s primary goalis to pick up something heavy. He does not care if he looks good while doing it, and neither does the judges!


肌肉发达的手臂是男人体魄强壮的表现也是身体健硕最明显的标志。当有人说给我看看你的肌肉时,你会立刻鼓起你的手臂,而不是你的大腿!这是第一个最容易展示的身体部位。它是国际通用标志—— “你健身吗?”或者“健身房在哪里?”一个男人有一个大肚子,竹竿腿或丑陋的脸或许是可以的,但最低限度请拥有一对强健的臂弯!哈哈😄~

Muscular arms are the first and foremost visual sign of fitness and representation of a man’s physique. When some one says show me your muscles, one instantly flexes the arm, not your leg! It is the first thing and noticeable body part on a person and usually seen uncovered. Its the international sign for “do you work out?” or “where is the gym?” the bare minimum for a man-a big belly, skinny legs or ugly face is okay at the very least, please have a set or big arms haha!

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